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At the time of your appointment (give or take ~15 minutes - sometimes we get stuck behind a school bus), your physiotherapist will arrive at your home and introduce herself. She will ask whether you would like her to wear a mask during your appointment.


During your first visit, your clinician will ask lots of questions to learn about your health, physical condition, and goals. You will be encouraged to tell your story and ask questions. The clinician will then do a physical assessment of your body, health equipment, and/or home setup to learn more about your condition, abilities, and challenges, and how she can help. 

Your clinician will ask you your goals, and will tell you about treatments likely to help treat your condition and reach your goals. You will be actively involved in choosing what to work on, and developing a treatment program that works for you.

At the end of your appointment, you will pay your clinician directly, using your health benefits and/or cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit card. We encourage you to check with your health benefits provider before your appointment so you know what percentage of our fees they will cover.

Physiotherapy is an active form of treatment that typically include exercise and lifestyle changes. Our clinicians understand that many people face financial limitations, and our focus is providing you the best possible care in the smallest number of sessions to make quality healthcare affordable for you.

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