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Feel better.
Move forward. 
Live well.

Looking for high quality rehab after a big life change or major health event? Our Age Well Clinic, group programs, and mobile physio & OT services offer high quality, personalized rehab designed to help you optimize your health, fitness, and mobility.

Our experienced clinicians take the time to learn about your life, your goals, and your challenges, and work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that sets you up for success. 

We run an Age Well Clinic in Bridgewater (at 902 Therapy, 446 York Street), and offer mobile visits at homes, hospital rooms, assisted living facilities, swimming pools, and gyms, throughout Lunenburg County & South Queens, Nova Scotia.


Our social enterprise has a strong focus on providing people with the knowledge and skills they need to live and feel well. We work hard to develop and offer free and low-cost health education and exercise programs in an effort to make health information & healthy living opportunities accessible and affordable. Some of our recent programs include:

  • A free, drop-in playground exercise program for families

  • A free postpartum rehab program (with free forest school childcare) offered in partnership with Our Health Centre & Wild Wonders Forest School

  • A low-cost fall prevention exercise program offered in partnership with HB Studios

  • Workshops on pelvic health & seniors' exercise offered in partnership with 902 Therapy, The Flourish Centre, and South Shore Public Libraries

Follow us on social media for info about upcoming programs.



Wondering whether we're the right fit for you or a loved one?

Call for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your situation and find out whether we can help.

pain, fatigue & breathing management, home equipment, maintaining mobility, gentle yoga, Pilates and tai chi

for pain, diastasis, incontinence, prolapse, C-section recovery, return to activity & exercise

person in wheelchair lifting dumbbells

following injury, surgery, falls, pregnancy & birth, fractures, prolonged hospitalization, and serious health events

person in red shirt balancing on one foot
person doing a side strech with cats for company

"prehab" to optimize your surgical results or prep your body for birth

caregiver and older adult
person doing a leg lift

walking aids, grab bars, mattresses, cushions, ramps, bed rails, bathroom setup, etc.

perosn on stationary bike
person with back pain
person balancing on exercise ball
pelvic floor illustration

for pain, urinary & fecal incontinence, and constipation

man balancing on one foot

comprehensive physio to help you regain your mobility and get home from hospital as quickly as possible

equipment & exercise to help you return to personal care, chores, outings, hobbies, walking, caregiving, etc.

elder couple

equipment, exercises, home assessment, and fall prevention tips

transfer techniques, range of motion exercise, personal care, mobility support

manage fibromyalgia, long COVID, arthritis, Lyme disease, etc.

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