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Our Age Well Clinic, located at 902 Athletics (446 York Street, Bridgewater), offers physiotherapy and nutritional services designed for the unique and often complex needs of older bodies. 


Many older people experience discrimination that negatively impacts their physical and mental health. They are frequently told that pain or other issues they're experiencing are due to age, and have serious concerns dismissed rather than receiving evidence-based treatment. They are advised to do subtherapeutic (too easy to be effective) exercise and take medications rather than being provided with evidence-based information about things they can do that can dramatically change their abilities and the way their bodies feel and function as they age.

For example:

  • Did you know that the four leading causes of long-term care admission (fall-related injuries, incontinence, dementia, and loss of the strength needed to care for oneself) are all HIGHLY preventable via dietary management & specific types of exercise?

  • Did you know that people who are told they need joint replacement surgery can often avoid it if they make dietary changes and take up the right type of exercise program?

  • Did you know that balance is a skill that improves with practice, at any age? 

  • Did you know that leaking urine, stool, or flatulence is typically easily treatable via pelvic floor physiotherapy - at any age?

Probably not - because it's not standard care in our healthcare system for people to be told what they can do to remain healthy and vibrant as they age.


Our clinic provides excellent, thorough assessment and treatment for older adults. Our goal is to help you live well and feel well every day of your life - no matter your age - and help you keep doing the things you love, without fear of losing your abilities or your independence. Our services include:

  • Healthy Aging Assessment & Exercise Prescription: optimize strength, balance, mobility, posture, bone density, joint health, and/or cardiovascular fitness with personalized exercises you can pursue at home, or at a gym or swimming pool.

  • Quality Rehabilitation:

    • Surgical preparation & rehab

    • Rehab following falls, fractures, and prolonged hospitalization

    • Neuro rehab (for stroke, Parkinson’s disease, MS, CRPS, etc.)

    • Exercise-based management of chronic health conditions (e.g. diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, COPD, long COVID, etc.)

    • Regaining resilience during and after cancer treatment

    • Chronic pain self-management

    • Prevention of & recovery from pelvic health conditions (e.g. prolapse, incontinence, pelvic or abdominal surgery, chronic constipation)

    • Recovery from age-related losses of balance, strength, mobility, independence and reserve

  • Cognitive Screening

  • Nutritional Assessment and Counselling

  • Strategies for Improving Sleep

  • Group Education & Exercise Programs

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