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Community Playground Workouts

We're doing something new and exciting!

Woman doing tricep dips at playground

Beginning September 9, 2023, we will be launching a FREE weekly Community Playground Workout at the playground of Centre Scolaire de la Rive Sud (the CSAP School), 20 chemin Petite Évangeline, Cookville, NS. The Community Playground Workout is an opportunity for people to meet at a playground once a week to spend an hour exercising at their own pace. The workout is held Saturday mornings from 9:00-10:00am.

The Community Playground Workout was designed and is sponsored by Jesse Robson, PT (Live Well Physiotherapy), in partnership with the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg County (MODL). We encourage others to start up Community Playground Workouts at times and locations that are convenient for them, and are in the process of developing a free downloadable toolkit and distributing laminated toolkits at playgrounds around MODL to make free exercise opportunities more accessible. If our location or time slot doesn't work for you, consider starting your own playground workout - either as a public event, on your own, or with friends/family.

The Community Playground Workout is not a fitness class. There is no teacher/coach. Everyone is responsible for their own safety. There are laminated sheets of paper with exercise ideas (e.g. push-ups, hop on one foot, lunges, skipping, step-ups) distributed around the playground that people can use to create their own workout. A member of the fitness community turns on music and sets a timer to time a 5-minute warm-up, 15 minutes for strength training, 30 minutes of alternating 45 second and 25 second intervals for cardio exercise, 5 minutes for participants to work on a skill that's important to them (e.g. balance, Kegels, meditation, cartwheels), and a 5 minute cool-down. Participants can do whatever they want while they are present - they do not have to follow the outline. The outline was designed by a physiotherapist, and reflects the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology's Exercise Recommendations for Adults & Older Adults.

Those who are not very familiar with exercise or feel like they need some guidance are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early to spend some time going through the exercise ideas, trying things out, and asking others questions. People who are worried that they have a health condition that might be aggravated by exercise, or are worried about their ability to exercise safely, are encouraged to talk to a doctor or physiotherapist before attending. The Get Active Questionnaire is another resource designed to help people decide whether they should talk to a doctor before trying a new exercise routine. The pages of exercise ideas that we use during the workout can be downloaded for free, and anyone is welcome to bring these to a physiotherapist or personal trainer if they would like some guidance on how to do the movements.

For those interested in attending, we would like to mention that:

  • Some people bring their children to the workout, so there will be children of diverse ages running around and playing on the playground equipment while the adults exercise. Please watch out for children while driving in & out of the parking lot.

  • There is no bathroom available onsite. (There are bathrooms nearby at Walmart and Canadian Tire if you need one.)

  • Bring a water bottle. Some people bring things like a yoga mat, towel, or weights, but you do not need to bring any exercise equipment. Dress for the weather (sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat, gloves, raincoat, etc.)

  • Workouts will go ahead regardless of the weather, unless road conditions are dangerous or there is thunder & lightning. Exercising in the rain or in cold weather can be pleasant & refreshing!

  • You are responsible for your own safety (and the safety of your children, if you bring them), and identifying any damage or safety hazards associated with the equipment you are using.

  • Knowing how to monitor exercise intensity can make exercise safer and more beneficial. I've attached a document on Tips for Monitoring Exercise Intensity that explains three methods people can use to monitor their exercise intensity if they wish.

We love to see people out enjoying fresh air and exercise, and hope you will join us!

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