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Monday FUNday Fall Prevention Exercise Program

Updated: Mar 5

Our new evidence-based fall prevention exercise program, offered in partnership with HB Studios Sports Centre, combines strengthening and balance exercises designed to risk older adults' risks of falls and fractures.

Poster listing details of the Monday FUNday program

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology recommends that adults 65+ participate in 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous cardiovascular exercise, at least 2 days/week of strength training, balance exercise several days per week, and several hours per day of light activity (standing and walking) in order to maintain good health and mobility. Unfortunately, very few Canadians regularly meet these guidelines.

Our new fall prevention exercise class is designed to combine the sorts of strengthening and balance exercise recommended for maintaining health and independence, and preventing falls and fractures. Participants will have opportunities to practice a wide variety of balance challenges (many of them designed with fun in mind, such as (plastic) axe throwing, walking on stepping stones, and doing agility drills using hoops and ladders), learn how to do and progress basic strengthening exercises like squats and deadlifts, and socialize with not just other course participants, but nearby parents, babies and toddlers participating in a playgroup in the same space.

At the beginning of the program, a physiotherapist will assess participants' balance and movement, and help them understand how to participate safely and therapeutically in the program. Participants of diverse health and mobility statuses are welcome to attend the program, including those who walk with a gait aid, those who struggle with conditions like pain and fatigue, and those who are currently doing well and would like to maintain their mobility and independence. The program has been designed so that people can adapt exercises to challenge themselves at a safe and appropriate level during the class.

We are offering the program at a low cost ($5) in an effort to make it accessible to many people who would like to improve their strength, balance and agility. Participants who complete the 6-week program are encouraged to continue coming on Mondays to attend HB Studios' Imagination Playground program, during which they can continue to see friends they met at the fall prevention program, and use the equipment and exercise instructions at HB studios to continue to work on the exercises they learned during the fall prevention program.

The program will run Monday mornings from 9:30-10:30am, in 6-week blocks, at HB Studios Sports Centre in Bridgewater, NS (543 Glen Allan Drive). Registration is required, by calling 902-543-5348.

We are so pleased to be bringing this program to our community, and look forward to seeing its impact.

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